Plant irrigation table

Watering plants in the sale tables

Customer requirement:

  1. In garden centers / nurseries are a variety of table sizes, types and manufacturers used. 
  2. The tables are converted, enlarged or reduced.  
  3. The irrigation on the table may not be disturbing or disabling.  
  4. Sophisticated irrigation (time-and area-controlled) sectors of the plant must be possible.  
  5. Different climate conditions (closed or open hall)  
  6. Frost safety must be observed  
  7. The customer must not be obstructed or endangered
  8. Custom weather control and reliability
  • The tables are (sealed with rubber rings), each with two ports (floor tables, with one connection) from the bottom fitted. The table layout KleWaDrip system varies depending on the irrigated area. The KleWaDrip tubing sets without water pressure flat on the table and contributes to minimal pressure.
  • The tables can be linked together into a sector with hoses. Tables can be added or removed. A maximum of about 30 tables (at least 5 bar inlet pressure) can be integrated.
  • Division into sectors for individual surface irrigation
  • Separate fertilizer application possible
  • It is controlled by solenoid valves that are integrated into control stations at the respective water supply sector. Optionally, rain sensors or probes are used.
  • Using a computer to time irrigation sector control.
  • The frost protection is ensured by dehydration.
  • System components and hoses are mounted under the tables, compounds are produced by transition arcs. Customers, sales, transportation and storage activities are not hindered or compromised.
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