The company KleWaTec is a small company in the area of ​​Karlsruhe.


For more than 30 years we are in the development and manufacture of a drip hose system and as a result, working with a qualified team in the drip irrigation technology and irrigation of the crop technical textiles.

die ersten 100.000 Meter TTS-Schlauch

Historical development:
  • The early 70s, the engineer, Uwe Tiedt,   developed the idea of ​​a pressure compensating drip tubing and clog-resistant
  • Profile Development with the company ASF sliding closure
  • Establishment of the Komfort-Technik Maschinenbau GmbH
  • Developing a separate machine for processing and welding of the profile
    alte TTS-Herstellung
  • on 23.12.1975 has been issued for the drip irrigation hose under the patent 2427569.2
  • End of the 80s - the idea of plants irrigation in the table just created OBI markets
  • 1996 - successful benchmark test of the TTS-drip hose in the LVG Heidelberg
  • 2007-Mr. Werner Klepsch was Managing Director, Mr. Tiedt is a well-earned retirement
  • 2007 -The company was renamed to Komfort-Technik Bewässerungs GmbH
  • 2009 -The company was renamed to KleWaTec GmbH
  • 2010 -after 2 years of development in Kunstoffzentrum in Leipzig was an advanced, production-and process-safe special machine for the production of drip tubing installed in our production hall



  • 2010 -TTS drip hose gets even with its improved features a new brand name and its own image, he becomes a drip hose - the KleWaDrip
  • 2010 -In addition to planning, installation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems, is the cutting of textiles is another important part of our company. To cut the very costly and also to ensure quality quantitatively, our company has a laser cutting machine
  • 2011 -Our employee base and the fleet of vehicles was expanded due to the positive business development.



Besides the production of KleWaDrip, we offer the following services:

Plant irrigation table

PflanzentischbewässerungIndividual planning, installation and maintenance cost of irrigation systems in public areas of the garden centers.


Laser cutting of technical textiles (contract work)


effective cutting of technical textiles