Obi Garten

Using our table irrigation system in over 180 OBI stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Annual maintenance of the plants with three service teams in the spring. Equipment of the plant tables in almost all OBI stores in Europe with laser-cut fabric and fabric requirements.





2009 -Irrigation of the entire campus tree



(mail from 09.06.2011)


Good day,

We are very pleased with this irrigation system. Initially we had planned for us to create a watering system from Gardena.
The price was initially deterred us and we looked for alternatives. Through the Internet we are then pushed to KleWaTec and the decision was clear. We now have our second Order a total of 150 meters installed. The irrigation is our life trees, which serve around 3 sides of the property as a privacy and boundaries. Since these plants very much and constantly need water, the KleWaDrip 300 a very useful and time saving investment has been. We can recommend it unconditionally.
Modified by the various couplings and end caps a highly customized installation possible - a great product at a fair price!

Sincerely M. / W. from Dresden.